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Paintball Birthday Parties, We Can’t Wait!

Kids and adults of all ages enjoy having their birthday party at Paintball USA Palmdale! Paintballers get totally stoked looking forward to game day.

I can say from past and present experience, it is just as exciting for me when I see the birthday boy or girl with their group of friends come in, anxiously waiting to register and get out on the field. Even parents coming along as spectators are excited.

In fact, some of the parents that were planning to hang out in the picnic area see their children and party guests having a fantastic time, they decide to play and join in on the fun!

To register or get signed in, the cashier assigns wrist bands and needs to call out each player’s name. At times, the group becomes so zealous with excited chitter chatter and laughing, they are unable to hear their names being called out.

No worries. It just takes a little longer to get everyone registered in. Next step is to head down the “assembly line” where Paintball USA staff passes out the rental gear, air guns and clothing to each player.

By the time, the group heads over to the staging area, they are ecstatic with adrenaline! The referee will divide the group into two teams, thoroughly going over the safety rules, strategy of the game, then, head out to the playing field.

If the parents decide they would rather hang out at the picnic area, eat pizza, socialize while waiting for the kids to return for snacks and drinks after the game, the tables are near most of the playing fields. The parents can view the kids playing paintball games.

Mixed Ages for Paintball Birthday Parties

There are paintball birthday parties that have family members of all ages. Paintball USA offers a variety of air guns; however, we suggest players in the same party use the same kind of rental gun. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • The players in your party probably want to stay together while moving from map to map.
  • At Paintball USA Palmdale, we offer private games for parties with a fifteen player minimum at no additional charge.
  • Standard .68 caliber rental markers are used by intermediate players.
  • Paintball soft .50 caliber rentals are for beginners and first-time players.
  • Referees make sure games are rotated between our multiple outdoor fields.
  • All players and private groups will be transitioning between multiple maps.
  • To ensure fair play, it is suggested for everyone in a private party to use the same caliber of marker.

Adults celebrating paintball birthday parties at Paintball USA have just as much fun and excitement as the little ones!

Paintball USA is primarily a weekend family entertainment center, however, parties with twenty-five players or more can book a weekday for their event.

We love helping plan perfect paintball birthday parties! Whether you are a beginner player, parent or an experienced paintballer, we are here to give you all the necessary information you need about Paintball USA. Simply call us! Our phone lines are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.